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What is the FIC?


The Fisheries Information Center (FIC) is a  digital database of research papers, project reports, informative posters and training books relating to Myanmar fisheries. Resources have been sourced from Government, Universities, the private sector and NGOs. As well as cataloguing historical information, the database is continuously updated with new and exciting research. The FIC provides an online community where everyone in the sector can share resources and knowledge. It can be used by anyone and it is free. Please click on "Login/Register" and browse through our catalogue.


What can you find in the FIC?

The FIC documentation is being sourced from Government, Universities, the private sector and NGOs. It will include research papers published in Myanmar, project reports, informative posters, training books, etc. The FIC will first focus on materials in English but there is an intention to further look at Myanmar resources as well.


How can you support us?


Our team is actively looking for fisheries-documents in Myanmar and we would be very grateful if you could share any relevant resources as well as any feedback or comment you may have. We would like to also encourage you to share this initiative with friends and colleagues. The more our community grows, the more it will benefit everyone.


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